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What if Flowers Could Live Forever?

We may not be able to keep them alive longer, but we can provide a lovely alternative.

Sholapith Stems, image source: https://twitter.com/sahapedia/status/1017402365140393984

What Are Sola Wood Flowers?

Sola wood flowers are made from the stem of the sholapith plant. The plant is native to the marshy areas in West Bengal and parts of India and has been used in creating beautiful religious and cultural pieces for centuries. The wood comes from the bark of the plant and is among the lightest wood in the world.

Sola wood flowers are 100% natural and sustainable and if cared for, they could last a lifetime! Since each flower is hand-made, no two flowers are alike which makes each flower arrangement even more intriguing.

Experienced Florists

With over 10 years in the fresh floral industry, our design team knows how to create beautiful, unique arrangements that will last year after year. Our Head Designer and Founder, Amber, has a keen eye for detail and a persistence for quality; only the best leaves the shop!

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Wood Flower Barn prides itself in being a small, American, family-owned business with high ethical standards.

For updates and creative inspiration, follow Amber on Instagram @woodflowerbarn.

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Other Home Decor Options

Flowers are our passion, but we know that sometimes beautiful blooms may not be what you're after. For this reason, we also offer a variety of other home decor items to be delightful additions to your home that make fun gift ideas as well.


Each arrangement is handcrafted and no two are exactly alike! Our florists create each bouquet from handmade sola wood flowers resulting in original masterpieces. 


Sola wood flowers are naturally ivory colored before entering our dyeing process. Flowers are each hand-dyed and fluffed to ensure they reach our standard of quality. We use a softener in our dye that helps make the petals more pliable and less likely to break which also helps increase the flowers' longevity.

Custom Creations

We know what it's like to have an idea of exactly what you want, yet not find it anywhere. That's why we're happy to create something completely custom for you! Please reach out, our team is available to discuss your ideas and design something especially for you.

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