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The Top 10 Reasons to Use Sola Wood Flowers for Your Wedding

If you’re looking for a sustainable flower option for your wedding, sola wood flowers are an excellent choice! Wood flowers have become increasingly popular in recent years as couples look for more eco-friendly and customizable options for their wedding day. Not only are wood flowers beautiful and everlasting, but they’re also a more sustainable option than traditional fresh-cut flowers. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top ten reasons why sola wood flowers make a great choice for your wedding flowers.

1) They are Unique

A bride holds a boho style bridal bouquet made with ivory, rust, and terracotta sola wood flowers.

Sola wood flowers have been around for centuries, yet many people haven't heard of them yet! They are completely handmade, meaning that each flower differs from the next. Wedding florists are now using these lovely flowers for wedding bouquets and decorations, making them a popular choice for couples looking to make their wedding day more special, and a little different from the next. With the added benefit of being sustainable and everlasting, sola wood flowers provide an eco-friendly and lasting alternative to traditional fresh wedding flowers. Not only are they unique and customizable, but they also create a one-of-a-kind ambiance for your wedding day that will last a lifetime.


2) Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Sola wood flowers are a perfect choice for the eco-conscious couple who wants their wedding to be more sustainable. Since wood flowers are made from an organic material, they are completely biodegradable if left in their natural ivory color. This, as well as requiring little to no harmful chemicals in their production (unlike their faux and live counterparts), their carbon footprint is astronomically lower, especially since they can be transported and stored without the extra fuss. Another bonus to these everlasting flowers is you don't have to worry about discarding them the next day like traditional wedding flowers. Not only are wood flowers more sustainable, but you'll have beautiful and unique decor that will last forever!

3) They Last Forever (and are durable!)

Using sola wood flowers at weddings is the perfect choice for couples who want a destination wedding and need flowers that can survive the trip. Whether it be to a romantic beach or to a mountain top only accessible via off-road vehicles, making sure your flowers can withstand "less-than-favorable" conditions is important! Likewise, if they can make the trip there, they should be able to make the trip back. Did we mention they can be shipped ANYWHERE? That's right, they ship incredibly well! And for brides who want to keep their flowers as a keepsake, a sola wood flower wedding bouquet is a great option. Unlike fresh flowers, wood flowers remain lifelike and beautiful for years to come. These everlasting flowers require little maintenance, and, if cared for, they'll look as good in 10 years as they did the day of your wedding. You can keep them around as a reminder of your wedding day and never have to worry about them wilting so you can enjoy their beauty forever.

4) Customizable

A maroon, rust, and navy sola wood flower bridal bouquet sets on a rock wall.

Wood flowers provide couples with the perfect opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind wedding while preserving that memory with their everlasting flowers for years to come. And when it comes to creating your dream wedding, having the perfect floral arrangements is a must. With sola wood flowers, there are endless color options as well as a variety of different mediums like faux and preserved greenery, grasses, and fillers to combine which will get you the exact look you want. Couples can customize the look of their wedding day by adding fun elements such as vibrant colors and intricate details. Unlike fresh flowers which are limited to the colors in their genetic make-up, sola wood flowers can be dyed virtually any color. Your wedding flowers should be completely customizable and uniquely YOURS - as refined or as quirky as you wish, and wood flowers are the perfect medium to get you there. 

5) Easy to Care for

If you're looking for wedding flowers that will last throughout your wedding day with minimal fuss, then look no further! Wood flowers are an excellent choice for brides looking for an easy-to-care-for option for their wedding. They require much less maintenance than traditional flowers since they don't need water or the right temperature to stay perfect. No fussing, no wilting, no freezing, and your wedding flowers will stay in pristine condition all day long. Plus, they won't need a drop of water to look beautiful and last forever! Better yet, after the wedding, the only thing you need to worry about is dusting the petals occasionally.  

6) Allergen-Free

Allergies can be a real bummer. No one wants to spend a day at a wedding with their allergies. And whether it's you or your guests who are sensitive to specific things, finding a beautiful floral option without irritants can be tricky. But unlike traditional wedding flowers, wood flowers are free of pollen and other allergens! This makes them a wonderful choice for couples who are looking for an alternative to fresh flowers while still achieving the wedding aesthetic of their dreams. 

7) They're Beautiful

Flowers just have a certain allure, and sola wood flowers are no different. The art of working with sola wood is centuries old and each flower is hand-tied. Knowing that each intricate cut is part of a technique that has been handed down from one artisan to the next, deeply rooted in their culture, and then used in your wedding bouquet is magical. But they're not only beautiful because of how they're made. Sola wood flowers are simply beautiful! There are hundreds of styles, some that mirror their fresh counterparts, and some that are completely different and can't be found in nature. The fact that they can be dyed any color is beautiful as well. Each flower is hand-dyed using a variety of  techniques that can result in innumerous color combinations, making each individual flower even more unique and stunning. So whether you're looking for a kaleidoscope of color or want a combination of hues that aren't found in fresh flowers your specific color palette is achievable!

8) They're Perfect for Any Season

A bride and groom gaze at each other in a snowy, winter meadow. She is holding a sola wood flower bridal bouquet with black sola wood roses, white sola wood flowers, with gold accents.

There's nothing sadder than frozen or wilted flowers, especially on your wedding day. Regardless of where/when you get married, fresh flowers are so volatile, its hard to gauge how long they'll stay fresh for, especially if you're using them in the dead of winter or in the heat of the summer. With a sola wood flower wedding, you'll never have to guess on how long your flowers will look good for, they'll look the same throughout the day (and the next day, and the next...)! And no need to schedule your wedding around the growing season of your favorite flowers. Since wood flowers don't rely on specific times to bloom, you can have whatever flowers you'd like, whenever you'd like! Maybe even combine a few that don't grow in the same season, wouldn't that be revolutionary!


9) More affordable

In all honesty, fresh flowers and wood flowers cost about the same. Just because they "aren't real" doesn't mean that sola wood flowers are a cheaper option. Their affordability doesn't come in the product itself though, but in the qualities that make them everlasting. 

For instance, formal bridal pictures in a different location than the wedding venue are becoming increasingly popular. Many brides often take these pictures in advance and want their wedding bouquet present. With a sola wood flower bouquet, you can use the same bouquet for your bridals and your wedding day! That's saving you a few hundred dollars already. Another aspect is that your bouquet will remain in perfect condition throughout the day and you won't have to worry about fussing over the wilted and bruised pieces during transportation from the ceremony, to the luncheon, to the reception, etc. And we can't forget the most important aspect, KEEPING THEM FOREVER! Preserving a fresh bridal bouquet is definitely an option, but it either requires you to hire it out to a professional (another expense to add to your wedding bill), or to do it yourself. Let's be honest, unless your a professional flower preserver, your DIY skills in this aspect probably won't cut it and your dried bouquet will be left to hang out in a box for years. With a wood flower bouquet, you won't have to worry about preserving it, because it's already built to withstand the tests of time! 

10) Keep Them as a Memento

A blush and white sola wood flower bridal bouquet sets in front of a mirror.

One of the best aspects about using sola wood flowers in your wedding is the opportunity to keep them as a memento. After your wedding day, instead of throwing it out or trying to dry/preserve the flowers yourself, you can keep your sola wood flower bouquet and display it in your home. This is a great way to remember that special day while also providing something meaningful to pass on to future generations. So, if the ability to preserve your wedding bouquet is an important aspect of your wedding planning, a sola wood flower wedding bouquet is the perfect solution! 




Whether you decide you want a sola wood flower wedding for the longevity and sustainability of the flowers, or you love the fact that you can have your exact color palette in your wedding flowers, sola wood flowers offer more than just a few benefits. They're so incredibly versatile and simply neat! Every wedding that Wood Flower Barn designs is completely custom. Working hand-in-hand with the client is of utmost importance to ensure their flowers are exactly what they envisioned. This also means that no two weddings are the same. Your bridal bouquet will be one-of-a-kind!

Ready to start the design process? Feel free to reach out to discuss your vision with me!